Wednesday, May 22, 2013

If only...

As my Pinterest tag line states "Obsessed with interior design. If only my wallet matched my vision.....".  And that is true in this moment.  I look at my house and I see SO much that I'd like to do.  Even going the cheaper route, ie. DIYing everything, the money is just not there right now.  So I have decided not to pout about it and instead I'm going to work on what I can change.  Deep clean tile grout, reorganize my office file drawers, see if I have enough leftover paint to repaint the guest bathroom.  These kind of changes make me happy and wont cost me more than $10. 

So what's motivating me to repaint my guest bathroom?  My new bargain! (please excuse quality, its another phone pic)
 See that pretty art above the toilet?  I was in StL this past weekend and visited Home Goods (SO wish we had one here!) and I found this framed art.  I got BOTH for $12!  I couldnt pass it up.  I hung them up and I love them, finally filled in that blank space.  See the before...
I stepped back after hanging up the pictures and thought... "those would look a whole lot prettier hanging on a gray wall".  And I think with as much gray as I've painted in my house, SURELY I can find enough leftover paint to change the color in here.  Hoping!

Although I'm sitting here saying we have no money right now to make big changes, I should say that we did actually make a big change.  We had been saving to do it and it's almost all done now.  And I guess it's not really a secret since I wrote about it in my last post.  We are doing the final tweaking of the backyard and then I'll post a bunch of before and after pictures.  Can't wait to share them!

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