Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The new addition

As mentioned in my last post. There is a new addition in my living room.  I guess you'd actually call it a replacement since there was already one there.  But it is... another new fan!  Check it out...

Here is a reminder of what we had before.

I don't know that I have a close up to share.  But this was your basic builders grade fan.  Unfortunately with the added details of some kind of speckled paint job.  But anyway, isn't the new one so pretty!?  It's another one designed by my sis in law, made by Emerson.  It's called the
Highpointe.  I've taken some full room shots that I'll try to post soon too.

Next up.  THE BACKYARD!  We've been working on it as the weathers been warming up and we are making some fun changes (especially this weekend)!  It will finally have a more "finished" look. Can't wait!!

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