Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Weekend

This weekend was full of fun events, scary moments, amazing people and one major purchase!

Our weekend started with me picking Jake up at work Friday night and driving to St. Louis. We made it in at about 12:30am. We did not get the best sleep that night because Roxie(our dog) was so excited to see her best friend Lexi(my parents dog) and they played all night. They were let out to go potty at about 330am and I guess my Dads back was turned and when he turned back around he saw Roxie wasn't there anymore. I woke up to my Dad causing a lot of commotion. I ran out there to see what was going on. When he told me, I jetted out the front door shoeless and in my pajamas. He didn't see which way Roxie went and it was so dark and so is she. This seemed to be an impossible mission. And the more I walked around and yelled for her the more my voice started to crack until I was just crying over the hopelessness. Even now as I type this I'm getting choked up. Jake was up and looking by this point too. He had gone back inside to get his car keys so he could drive around and look for her. And when he came back outside he looked to his right there she was just chilling, wondering why we were all freaking out. I however was not even near by when this happened. I was already down to another street. I was so upset and not knowing what to do I started to walk back to see if Jake had gotten the car. Jake saw me down the street and walking towards me he yelled. "We have her." My small scared cry turned into wailing! We walked up to each other and he handed her to me. She was of course very confused but I hugged her so tight and took her back to bed where I just cried and loved on her for so long. It was quite a night!

Saturday morning. Jake and I got up, my Dad had already left for work (my mom is out of town with her sis and mom right now) Jake and I downed some coffee in hopes we would somehow get just the tiniest bit of energy. Then of course we were energized at the thought of car shopping! So we drove to Elco in Manchester where my Dad works (Les Pirtle, if you need a car he's awesome). He showed us the car we had looked at online. We drove it around. We thought it might be smart to look at other cars so we walked around the lot but honestly paid no attention to what we were looking at. We had our minds made up! So after a lengthy process the car... was.... ours!! A 2008 HHR LT with all sorts of great added options. We got such a great deal on it too! After we bought the car and said bye to the ole Galant =( We went to the mall I had to buy at least Something during the no tax weekend. Then Jake and I went home, got ready and turned back around and left. We went to YaYas in Chesterfield for my Grandmas 88th Birthday dinner. It was so fun and the food was delicious!

Saturday night we got much better sleep but still weren't caught up. Sunday we went to church, got some Jimmy Johns, brought it home and Ryan and Bethany came over. We got to show them our weddign video but then we had to JET It was 2:00 and we were hoping to make it to a 4:00 bday party back in Springfield. We made it tehre by around 5:20 just in time to see little Lyric (Our friends Terry and Janells 1 year old son) open his birthday presents and eat his cake. He was so happy and it was so sweet to watch.

After the party we finally made it back to our house and pretty much had time to drop off Roxie change our clothes and go to our church's pool party in Nixa. We got some food, walked through the water, said hi to friends and left. Jake dropped me off then he went to band practice.

Crazy, busy weekend. But so much fun!

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