Monday, December 21, 2009

The weekend

It's hard to get used to not having Jake on Saturdays. I know its a compromise because now I have him on week nights but it doesnt make Saturdays any easier. So on Saturday I got up very early, around 6am? Right after Jake left for work. When you pass out at like 7 the night before getting p at 6 doesn't seem that weird. Except that it's still dark out. So... as the sun started to come up I decided I needed a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel from McDonalds. So, I got one, brought it home and I was ready for a productive day. But being pregnant, you learn, you no longer get those bursts of energy where you are able to get a bunch of things done. So I eventually took a nap, then got up, wrapped a couple presents, then took a nap. It was pathetic really. I did get out to WalMart to buy a couple more presents but that was it. When Jake got home I was still tired as could be so we rent a movie and crashed.

Sunday was baking day at Jake's Moms house I felt run down yet again but still really wanted to go. I was kind of a zombie for the first hour and eventually got moving and made some cookies I had never made before and I think they turned out pretty good. Of course half way through making them I started to feel nauseous and had to lay down but with Koreys help and my eventual recovery, they got done.

After that we went to Gregs (Jakes StepDad) Parents house for a little get together. And when it was time to leave Jake wanted to watch a movie with Buddy and Grace. I was so tired I knew I wouldnt make it through the movie so I asked if we could watch it at ourplace. And sure enough, halfway through the movie I was out.

Now, I'm back at work and SO ready for Christmas. Desperately hoping they decide to close on Christmas Eve so I can get home sooner but I doubt it.

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