Friday, March 18, 2011

And just like that!

Last week I had a couple reminders of God's faithfulness. And I thought to myself I need to believe that if God wants our house to sell he can sell it today! So on Thursday I let it be known to the world (via facebook) "Believing for an offer today." And all day any time I talked about my house I talked about getting that offer. Usually I follow those statements up with "Well I hope at least." But this time I didn't, I stepped out in faith. We did have a showing and at the end of the day we were told it went well. Well guess what... the next morning we got a phone call, "There's an offer on your house!" Praise the Lord! And so of course I let the facebook world know. And I loved that I could show all of my friends God's faithfulness in that way.

We countered his offer, he countered back and then we accepted it! He set the closing for 60 days out because he knew our situation with wanting to try and buy a short sale (and that is a very long process). So on May 9th our first house will no longer be our home. It is really heartbreaking to think of leaving it. It was our first place as husband and wife, it was Raeleigh's first home with her first nursery. It has been the best first home I could have EVER imagined! Absolutely perfect. And if it were bigger I would never have thought of selling it, but we need the room.

Right now we are going through the inspection process, and without getting into lots of detail it's been a bit of an annoying process. But it's just a little bump to get past and then it will be just that... in the past.

And as sad as we are to think of leaving our home we have something positive to hold onto. WE PUT AN OFFER IN ON OUR DREAM HOUSE!! The one I think I mentioned in an earlier post. Oh my goodness I'm so anxious and excited about this. It's the perfect house! It needs some work and eventually some updating. But it had all the main things I was looking for; size, location, good neighborhood, layout, good backyard, white blinds, moulding and 6 panel doors. Everything else I don't mind to fix and change.

The process of a short sale: The current owners bank makes an agreement with them that it is okay for them to sell the house for less than what they owe on the loan. This keeps away the hassle of going through the foreclosure process which would be the next step. So we put our offer in, the seller is okay with it and is now passing it a long to the bank. Unfortunately this is where the pace really slows down. It can take months sometimes even over a year to hear if a bank has accepted your offer. Fortunately we were told this bank usually has a 30-60 day turnaround. I'm hoping closer to 30 or maybe less! Praying it goes quick because the not knowing drives me nuts!

In the meantime I'm shopping around getting ideas on how I will decorate my dream house! It will take awhile to get it all done because well, I'm not rich! But the process is going to be SO fun. I know Raeleigh will love this house. There will be so much room for her to run around and play. Ah! It's perfect! And she's already christened it. When we looked at it on Tuesday she had .... well... an impressive poo. LOL! We had to change her diaper and her whole outfit right there on the island in the kitchen. So one of the first orders of business when we move in will be, disinfect that counter!! (note: the house is vacant now)

Be praying for us. This really would be a dream come true. I love this house so much that I can see it being the one we are in when our grandkids come to visit!


  1. so, so, so happy for you! we've been in the process of changing up our house and it's finally feeling like i want! i started a tumblr to help with inspiration. ( you'll notice we've been updating the kitchen lately... because there are tons of kitchen photos. ;) praying the process goes smoothly for you all!

  2. Yeah it's so fun. I'm going to be putting together an actual notebook with all my ideas. We had looked into building a brand new house but in the end.... it's just not as fun. Watching a house transform into what you want it to become is so much more exciting than moving into a house where everything is done. Hoping we get this house because I will love posting all of my before and after pics on here!
    I enjoy watching your changes as well. Your new floors are beautiful!