Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well it's been just over a week now that our house has been on the market. We had an open house Sunday where 4 groups came through. Out of those, one lady was seriously interested. But we'll see... then yesterday was the agent tour where a bunch of agents come to see your house so they can tell their clients about it. Hopefully they have clients that are looking in our homes price range.
On Saturday I took a few pics to replace the ones my agent took. As someone who LOVES looking at homes online, even when I'm not in the market to buy, I know what a difference a good picture makes. They haven't changed them out yet. But I've attached a couple of examples of the before and after pics at the bottom.

My pics are a much better representation of how my house looks in person. SO I want potential buyers to see that. In the original living room picture the color is dingy and the pic is blurry. In the new one, not only did I back up to get a better shot of the room but the colors are much better.
In the bedroom pic, the original one was cut off making the room look small, and again it's blurry and the colors are off. In my picture you can see there is plenty of floor space and its a more crisp, clear picture.
I sent them these and a few other new pics Saturday and they haven't been changed yet, I was told they will be by Friday. I just hope the original pictures haven't already skewed a potential buyers opinion.

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