Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

It has been 23 days since we put our offer in. From what we've heard the process is going well. The file with our offer in it that was given to the sellers bank has everything it needs in it. Now we are just waiting for someone at Wells Fargo to put their hands on our file, open it up and look at the offer! Last week I started believing that we'd get some kind of response by the end of this week. That leaves today and tomorrow. But I have no doubt we will hear something. Faith is awesome like that.
Yesterday we saw another house online that we liked. The first house we've liked besides the one we have the offer on. In our contract it states that we can pull out of our offer if we find another house while we are waiting. But after driving by it and really thinking about it we just didn't have a real good feeling on it. It was a house that someone bought and flipped and we see too many signs of cut corners to trust the quality of the home.
So as it remains we still have our dream home that we long for so much. I am just aching to hear they've accepted our offer. Just to know that we will continue to have a home after we close on our current one May 9th. Yes people have offered their house for us to stay at, But I'm talking about a home... totally different.
I'll keep ya posted!

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