Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's official!

The sign is in the yard, the house is listed. We did it! We worked SO hard to get everything done and we did! Here is our listing. Let me know what ya think! I'm not 100% happy with the pictures, some of them are kind of dark and blurry and don't do my beautiful home justice. But hopefully they do well enough to get people in the door. Our first open house will be this coming Sunday March 6th from 2-4. If you know anyone interested in buying a great home in SW Springfield please let them know about ours!


  1. so, don't be freaked out.. i looked at your listing and you guys live so close to us right now! where are you wanting to move?

  2. Well I went ahead and looked up where you live. =) And you're right, very close! We want to stay in the same general area just need a bigger place. We even looked online at a house on your street! But when I drove by it I realized it looked better in pics than in person. I love SW Springfield though and don't care to go anywhere else.

  3. there are a couple of houses for sale on our street! come be our neighbor!! :)