Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year in Review

This has been an EVENTFUL year!

  • Jan 1-9 Vacation to Florida.
  • Jan 10 My Dad's heart stopped while driving home from work.  He got in a bad accident, totaled his car.  Got a pace maker put in, healed completely. Praise the Lord!
  • January 23 Raeleigh was dedicated at Faith Chapel. 
  • March We decide to list our house for sale. 9 days later it sells!

  • March Raeleigh starts crawling and "pulls up" for the first time.
  • April: Raeleigh's first Easter!

  •  May: Say goodbye to our old house. =(  Say hello to our new house! =)
  • May 21: Lost a great friend to a tragic car accident. Grace Stanton.
  •  May 22: Joplin tornado.
  • June 19: Raeleigh takes her first steps!

  • June: Two year anniversary getaway to KC and revisited the place where we got engaged.

  • July 4: Raeleigh's first 4th of July and swimtime in a big kid pool.
  • July 10: Raeleigh turns one!  And has a big bash at the new house with all our friends and family.
  •  July/August: Raeleigh's first (and second) time at the fair.
  •  September: Raeleigh's first time at the Zoo.

  • September 11: 10 year Anniversary of 9/11.
  •  October: Ryan and Bethany visit and we go to Silver Dollar City.
  • October 15: My nephew Jackson is born.

  • October 31: Halloween! Raeleigh helps hand out candy.
  • December: Raeleigh visits Santa.
  •  December 25: Merry Christmas!

 I know I didn't cover everything, but that's most of the big stuff.  The craziest thing to me is that my daughter started the year like this.

And now looks like this.  She's running all over the place and can speak a full sentence. "Thank you Mommy".

 Bring on 2012!


  1. Your family is precious! Praying for awesome things and increase in 2012!