Thursday, March 29, 2012

Much better

There were only 2 rooms in the whole house I hadn't painted, the guest room and the laundry room.  So, I painted the guest room, it DESPERATELY needed it.  It had been patched last May so it's had big ugly white splotches all over the walls.  Plus the walls were just stained and dirty anyway.  So here are the before and afters....

I first bought the comforter.  I wanted a white comforter with a colorful print.  Perfect!  Got it at Target for a great price and it's still nice quality.  So I thought "what paint color would look good with this?"  I first thought teal but quickly dismissed that idea because I thought it would make the room and comforter look too juvenile.  So then I switched to sage green.  I bought a couple paint samples, didn't like them, then bought a couple more and didn't like them.  I was so discouraged.  I almost just picked the least awful green because I didn't want to buy any more samples.  Look what I was dealing with.

I was staring at the colors Friday night, knowing I was going out Saturday morning to buy the paint and I was so bummed and unexcited.  So I thought, what colors do I know I like already?  So I took my comforter out to the family room and thought Yes!  So the color I chose is the same color as our family room.  I'm so happy with it.  And if you're curious it's called Coastal Villa, it's by Valspar.

I would love to give a grand reveal with everything done, but I'm not rich and can't go buy everything I need at once.  I plan to replace the mini blinds and get a new dresser and nightstand.  And I know I'm lacking a bedskirt and art on the walls.  But at least now my guests have a much nicer and cleaner room to sleep in (I deep cleaned the room too.  From the ceiling fan to the baseboards and even shampooed the carpet).

One last time, here it is in it's current state.

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