Thursday, April 19, 2012

Consider it spruced!

I n this post you may have noticed that our grill needed spruced up.  We would love to buy an all new shiny stainless steel grill.  But, 1. We don't need it and 2. We can't afford it right now.  So in the matter of a couple hours (and only $24) we had it looking and performing as good as new!

I didn't get any good before shots.  You should have seen the inside of the grill!!  But as far as outside goes, Jake scrubbed it down with soap and water, then after it dried he spray painted it with Rustoleums High Heat spray paint (cost like $3.79 at WalMart).  

And this is how it turned out.

Good as new!  You can see we still need to reattach the charbroil emblem.  We'd like to paint that too, just haven't yet.  Back to the inside, we replaced the burner for 20 bucks.  The shiny thing in the bottom here.

(We did clean the grate a little more after this pic was taken.) 
Here's Jake putting it back together.
 We had brats last night and we're doing burgers tonight!  Love having a nice and functional outdoor space!

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