Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make a List!

I love lists.  Jake found out just how much I love lists this past weekend....

Friday I typed up a list of everything I wanted to get done over the weekend, it was a lot, but I knew if I stayed focused I could get it done.  I'll get to how I did on the list in a minute.  But first I want to talk to you fellow list makers!
You know how it feels so good to check or cross off something you've completed on your list?  Well the inside of my car needed a DEEP clean!  Have a kid?  Then you understand.  Everything inside got cleaned.  I even took the floor mats out and shampooed them right there on the driveway.  I also cleaned Raeleigh's car seat.  There were crumbs everywhere and even a gooey fruit snack stuck to her seatbelt.  I took the car seat cover off and washed it.  Well everything was done except that the car seat cover needed to air dry.  Well I refused to check off the "Clean Car" box until it was 100% done.  That was Saturday evening and I couldnt put her car seat back together until Sunday morning.  Fast forward... everything was done and I was so anxious to check off the box (again list-makers, you get the excitement).  I went to the fridge where the list was posted and it was already checked off!!!!  Jake was right there and I said "did you check this box?" he said "well yeah, we're done cleaning the car".  I flipped out!  Probably in a little too unhealthy sort of way.  I explained the importance of me being able to check it off and told him to never do it again!  Yeah I'm psycho, but again list-makers, you know what I mean!  So I still today have this awful feeling of lacking closure.  I thought about putting a check mark over his, but it just wasn't the same. :(   lol!  (does that lol make me sound less psycho?  thats what I was going for ;))

Ok, moving on...  Here was my list for the weekend. 

Finish Shampooing carpets. 
Master bedroom --  DONE
Raeleigh’s  room
Clean gutters -- 1/2 DONE
Organize all papers in Office -- DONE
Wash electric blanket -- DONE
Sweep front porch, debris off house  -DONE
Clean up deck -- DONE
Store Easter stuff --DONE
Hang blinds in guest room 
Find specific places to set aside stuff to sell and donate -- DONE
Clean out car -- DONE!!!
Clean grill  -- DONE
Prep Garden soil

 So, not everything got done.  I didn't get to shampoo the rest of the carpets.  I didn't hang the blinds in the guest room and I didn't prep the garden soil.  But look at everything else I did.  On top of that, we got the stairs built for our deck (no hand rails yet, but we have stairs!)  I also sprused up some landscaping int he front yard.  See!

We went to Lowes Monday morning to buy some wood we needed to finish up the stairs (again, sans handrails) and I thought... that landscaping has really been bugging me.  So I bought some soil and flowers for about $13.  I already had some weed cover and a bag of mulch.  So $13 was all it cost me to make this small but effective transformation!

I also cleaned out a lot of junk from the garage and even took a bunch of stuff to donate.  I also bought some containers to start storing Raeleighs outdoor toys.  So right now she has a container for bubbles and one for chalk.  She loves bubbles and chalk.  Everytime you blow bubbles she throws her hands in the air and with an excited tone goes "bubbohs!"  She cracks me up.  

It was a very productive weekend. Looking forward to the next!

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