Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

A lot of you got to see the finished patio already on facebook (our contractor tagged me in it).  Here's the pic he posted.

They did a great job.  There were a couple little things that bugged me, like leaving a big pile of cement in my yard that has now hardened and we have to chip up and remove.  ASIDE from that, they did great and for a great price and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a general contractor.  If you're in the Springfield area and want the referral, let me know.

 Here's a close up.  So pretty!

Jake got RIGHT to work and instantly put in a retaining wall here...

He also filled in the dirt around the patio.

And although not everything is ready, you may notice we couldn't resist but to get a glimpse of what it will eventually look like when we set up the furniture, etc...

 (yeah the grill needs a little sprucing up)

And you may see the steps are in the middle of the yard right now.  We've decided we better not reuse them so we have to wait until we have time and build all new stairs.  When we do that we'll put up the pickets under the deck.

I can start seeing it all come together, so excited to get this thing done and start using it!

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