Thursday, April 12, 2012

This past week

So, of course this past weekend was Easter.  I LOVED IT!  Having a kid really makes holidays so much more fun!  Here are a few pics of our Easter.

Lets start with a super cute one!
Easter morning, right after she got into her basket, giving Daddy kisses!

Looking for "eeka eggs" with Daddy.

Showing off all her eggs.

All dressed up and ready for church!

 Enjoying the beautiful day at Meme and Gramps house.

Her third Easter egg hunt
She's a pro now!

Jake's Mom and StepDad and Raeleigh's cousins

Raeleigh and Dayton

What a day!

It was a perfect Easter and a fun filled day!  Right before Raeleigh went to sleep I read her a great kids book thats about how the Easter bunny and candy, etc is fun but the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of what Jesus did for us. 


We've now purchased the lumber to build the stairs for our deck and now we are just Praying it doesn't rain on Sunday.  In the meantime we are getting the support posts up under the deck.  It didn't have any when we bought the house!?!?  You can argue left and right that it didn't need it Mr. Home Builder but the sagging deck is proof alone!  So we had one up under there but had to remove it when we put the patio in, we are now replacing it with 3 posts all along the front, this should decrease saggy-ness and keep it sturdy for years to come.

I also got back in the garden last night and got a look at the soil.  It's not even close to ideal gardening soil, and I cant afford to buy oodles of good soil to mix in.  Nonetheless I'm going to work with what I have and just hope we can turn out some good veggies!  

Here is a pic I took with my phone after Raeleigh decided to test the soil her own way...
Silly girl!

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