Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Update

I thought I'd check in just to update what's going on in our world and in our home lately.  As we get closer to the end of the year and into the holiday season I decided to put a hold on home projects.  My next big project will be Raeleighs big girl room.  I've been stocking up on her big girl room"stuff" for the last few months so I can't wait to see it all come together.  I'm having a hard time not diving in but I thought I'd be better off waiting then stressing myself by having too much stuff to do before Christmas.

In the mean time I've noticed my living room is starting to come together before my eyes.  You may remember from this post that I was starting to work on making it feel more homey.  Well the other day I stepped back and realized that it's come a long way, especially now that Christmas decorations are up.  The difference between last Christmas and this Christmas is huge.  Our walls are a different color, the fireplace is a different color.  We got a bigger rug and the accent colors and decor are all different.  Not to mention we got a bigger tree (free on craigslist!)

Here are some pics I pulled off of facebook to show you how it looked last Christmas... 

And now I havent taken "official" pics of how it looks this Christmas  but I do have a couple I've taken with my phone...
 My living room is so much more "me" now and it makes me happy.  You may also notice a sneak peak of a new piece of furniture I got.  There is QUITE a story behind that piece of furniture, more to come on that once the story is complete (still going through it), hopefully by mid-December the saga will be over.  If you want a hint... it's not totally assembled yet.

So, because my living room has made such a drastic change I'd like to go ahead and complete it.  To do so I need...
-a new TV
-Wall art
-a new ceiling fan
-New curtains
-New blinds
-and someday... new couch and love seat(or chairs)

The wall art I'll get as I see some I like.  The TV and fan will be purchased probably by the end of February.  And the couch and love seat... I said I'd wait 2 years (until Ikea is built in KC) but I really dont know that I can wait that long.  I've had this furniture now for 7 years and I'm ready for a change.  I have the fan picked out!  It's called Highpointe, it's made by Emerson and designed by my very talented sister-in-law, Bethany.  Here's a pic...
Isn't it pretty?  Much better than the builders grade white thing that's up there now.

So anyway, I've gone off on a living room tangent.  Main thing is, not a whole lot going on now because I'm trying to just slow down and enjoy the holidays. =)

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