Friday, February 22, 2013

What I did with my "Ice Day"

I grew up around St. Louis.  There we got Snow Days.  I now live in Springfield, MO where we get Ice Days.  So yesterday we had an ice storm which left Raeleigh's daycare closed for the day and me calling in to work.  I love unexpected free days.  I always think "Ok!  This is a day I can let myself rest." (something I never do, I'm a busybody at home)  So I relaxed for awhile.  Well.... until about 9 where I couldn't take sitting around any more!  So I cleaned out my jewelry case and straightened up my closet, did some laundry, cleaned Raeleigh's room and then I thought... hey, I have a sewing machine!

I wasn't planning to make anything that day, because usually I would have been at work.  So the only material I had was left over from making our table runner and faux roman shade.  I'd been researching pillowcase dresses via Pinterest and You Tube (also googled to figure out measurements).  So I went for it.  I went into it just for practice.  But guess what... it actually turned out!  Here are some shots of my girl.  Oh and she decided she needed to wear the crown with her pretty new dress. She even went hunting for it just so she could put it on for some pictures.

(sorry for the poor quality, these were taken with my phone.)

Here she is showing off her sparkly shoes.

The ribbon on the dress is just temporary I plan to actually sew long strips of fabric to put in place of the ribbon.  But even still... yay!  I made my daugthter a dress!  Now I'm even more excited about sewing projects.

So to all who are considering sewing but are thinking... I've never really sewn before, do it!  I've never once sewed anything on my own.  The projects I listed above were mostly done by my mom.  I think the key to sewing for beginners... Don't be afraid to just try it.  Just dive right in and see what happens.  In my case, it actually worked out!

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