Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year - New Projects!

Well, as I did last year, I wanted to post about my projects from the past year and list out my goals for the next!

First lets see how I did meeting 2012's goals...

-New patio - Done.
-Garden - Done.
- Paint - Done.  Painted every room I had planned to.
-Paint mantle - Done.
-New comforter, curtains, art and a dresser for guest room - Comforter, yes. Curtains, no. Art, kind of. Dresser, yes and no. =)
-Shelves in the office closet. - Kind of. I got a new file cabinet which has helped.  And some temporary shelves.
- Add an outlet in the garage.  - This is ridiculous because we meant to do this in January.  Yet it hasn't been done.
- New curtain in the kitchen. - Done.  My mom and I made a faux roman shade.
- Find a good system to organize Raeleigh's toys downstairs. Yes and still going!  I actually just ordered some shelves for in there yesterday.

-New paint and cabinets in the laundry room - Didn't do, because I changed this into a much bigger overhaul.
- Organize garage - Done.  Aside from moving the deep freeze and labeling the totes.
- Paint the garage - Done
-Landscaping.Didn't do the things I hoped to.  But I plan to do some this year.

- New desk in office - No.

- New dining chandelier - Done.

- New fans.  I got a new one for the office thats not put up yet.  But not the ones I had hoped to get for the living room and master bedroom.


So it looks like I did pretty good with my list.  And I was so happy with all of the changes this year.  I'd have to say the living room has been my favorite transformation (fireplace included!)

So what's in store for 2013?


- First on the list... Raeleigh's big girl room! SO EXCITED FOR THIS!

- Change up the landscaping a bit in the front of the house. 

- Landscape around back patio and plant tree.

- Change up the decor in family room.

- Finish furnishing guest room.

- New desk for office.

- New fan for living room.

- FINALLY put in new outlet in garage so we can move our deep freeze.

That's what I've got for now.  It can always be added to!

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